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For all inquiries, please email us at or fill in the form below.

  • To pitch an article, please specify “Icons“, “Culture“, or “Actions” in the subject line. To see our content calls and for article inspiration, please request to join our Facebook group.
  • If you’d like to use MEDUSA to share your visual/multimedia art, please specify “Visual” or “Creative Writing” in the subject line and include the images/files you want us to use in the body of the email (please bear in mind that Instagram compresses high resolution files – read more about that here).
  • If you’re interested in being interviewed by us, please specify “Interview” in the subject line.

For transparency, we make no money on MEDUSA. We are therefore unable to pay contributors. For this reason, we try and support you in any other way we can. We offer detailed feedback on your writing, continued support on social media (e.g. let us know if you have any exciting upcoming projects and we’ll keep our followers in the loop), and references/testimonials on LinkedIn. If you’re an emerging creative, we can set up an interview about your work.

Feel free to ask questions via DM, but please send all pitches to our email or fill in the form below. Don’t worry about grammar or being overly formal, we just want to keep information in one place to make our lives easier.

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy your experience with MEDUSA – be that writing, sharing your artwork or simply following us on social media!

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