We’re always open to collaborations and commissions and have delightedly delved into producing workshops, talks and resources. Take a peek at projects we’ve worked on in the past.

Workshopping the Art Collection: “Join MEDUSA for a free workshop exploring the feminist treasures of Durham University’s art collection. We’ll be getting up close to a select array of artworks, including pieces by Paula Rego, Marina Abramović and Fay Pomerance, and delving into conversation about the ideas they kindle. There’s no need to prepare anything in advance – just come ready to discuss, discover and be inspired.”
Unlikely Icons: “In this resource pack, commissioned by Durham’s Art School Art Prize, you’ll find questions and prompts from MEDUSA that will enable you to create an alternative iconography in your preferred medium. How will you radically devote artistic space to a different kind of heroism?” 
Hidden: “In this resource pack, commissioned by Durham’s Art School Art Prize you’ll find a collection of short essays musing on the connections between Sciamma’s ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ and the theme of ‘hidden’, alongside creative prompts and film club questions to guide your reflections.”
Unlikely Icons: “In this talk, commissioned for Durham University’s Art School Art Prize, Eden Szymura and Emily Walters explore the unlikely icons that inspire them, including their namesake, Medusa, and challenge you to find an unlikely icon of your own.”
Reimagining Futures: “Have you ever come across a piece of art that changed your perception of the world? Or one that powerfully encapsulates the change you desire? We want to know! Join MEDUSA for an open conversation exploring how art and creativity can help us to forge different futures rooted in compassion, joy and equity.”
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