We are MEDUSA. We create, experiment and provoke. 

We are a digital creative platform that explores the arts through a feminist lens. 

Our name derives from Hélène Cixous’ seminal essay, ‘Laugh of the Medusa’, in which the theorist strives to reclaim Medusa, arguing that she must write, and define, herself. And so, MEDUSA is a platform which publishes and curates thoughtful pieces and creative work by women and people of marginalised genders.

While MEDUSA takes its name from 1970s French Feminism, our approach to gender, and creativity, moves past this context. For us, Medusa cannot be reduced to a narrative of biological essentialism, in which creativity and selfhood can only be achieved by drawing on the reproductive female body. Instead, as a posthuman gorgon, Medusa defies binary definitions and offers us transformative transcendence. 

Medusa embodies multiple narratives: she is vengeful, a survivor, a monster, a muse. Most importantly, she meets, and subverts, the male gaze. This platform seeks to champion plurality by creating an empowering space for people to explore their creative practice but also raise awareness of wider social issues and causes. In order to achieve this, our values are rooted in intersectionality. We are passionate about deconstructing elitist frameworks that render art inaccessible and demonstrating the power of art to enact positive change.

More than anything, MEDUSA is a community. Join us and reshape the narrative. Meet fire with fire, or should we say, stone. 

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