5 Digital Icons You Need to Follow

This week on our social media, Florie Moran took us through her top 5 digital icons. Check them all out below, and make sure to follow us!

1. Deborah Frances-White

Comedian, writer and host of the fantastically popular podcast, ‘The Guilty Feminist’.

Deborah Frances White’s life is fascinating: adopted as a baby in Australia, she grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. She then ‘escaped the cult’ (her own words) to move to the UK and study at the University of Oxford, where she became involved in comedy and theatre.

With a book on the shelves and a film in cinemas, Deborah is constantly fighting the good fight and platforming important voices that may otherwise go unheard. Her podcasts are a perfect balance of humour and activism, covering topics like female pleasure and masturbation, politics, friendship and the media. She exudes so much feminist wisdom and humility that I am sure she’d make a fabulous world leader.

Follow Deborah for:

  • An ever-flowing stream of feminist content, wisdom and activism.
  • Relatable body positivity/neutrality.
  • Realistic, humble acknowledgement of feminism’s imperfections but the motivation to keep fighting

2. Gina Martin

Activist, writer and UN Women Ambassador.

Gina Martin is best known for changing UK law and introducing the Voyeurism Act. When she was ‘upskirted’ at a music festival in 2017, Gina was shocked to find that reporting this awful experience had no consequences and the man that had harassed her got away with it.

Gina led a grassroots campaign using social media to her advantage, to lobby the government and change the law, protecting women and nonbinary folk from upskirting. Gina went on to write a bestselling guidebook on activism, ‘Be The Change’ and now co-hosts a podcast with her sister, comedian Stevie Martin, called ‘Might Delete Later’.

Follow Gina for:

  • Engaging commentary and actionable activism on current social issues.
  • Care and accountability with much-needed doses of humour.
  • Vitamin P – Gina’s roundup of positive content on her Instagram stories.

3. Jamie Windust

Writer, model, non-binary activist and author of upcoming title ‘In Their Shoes’.

Jamie Windust is a trailblazer in every way. Perhaps most recognisable for their eye-catching make up and incredible fashion choices, Jamie is equally full of wisdom and insight regarding their non-binary experiences.

They are raw and truthful in their writing and social media content, disrupting cisnormative thinking that is all-too-easy to fall into. Currently a contributing editor for The Gay Times, Jamie has so much to offer the LGBTQ+ world and is definitely one to watch.

Follow Jamie for:

  • Honest and raw truth bombs that make you stop and think.
  • Non-binary activism, reminding us to be inclusive in our thinking and treatment of others.
  • Beautiful editorial images and radical, drag-inspired make up tutorials.

4. Rachel Cargle

Academic, entrepreneur and philanthropic innovator.

Rachel Cargle is a shining light of the intersectional feminism and Black Lives Matter movements. Rachel actively tackles systemic racism in the US and more globally, spearheading a community of academics called The Great Unlearn, allowing people to pursue studies away from ‘the white lens’ of so many leading institutions.

Rachel also founded and leads The Loveland Foundation, which supports Women of Colour in accessing free mental health support. Lastly, she has also founded a bookshop in Ohio, Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing Centre.

Rachel is an advocate for Black women and their experiences, sharing knowledge, actions and voices that need to be heard.

Follow Rachel for:

  • Critical race dialogue, challenging racist and colonialist thinking.
  • Intersectional feminism.
  • Monday mood boards, providing a perfect burst of beauty and inspiration for the beginning of the week.

5. Florence Given

Queer artist, activist and Sunday Times Bestselling Author of, ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’.

You’ve hopefully seen it all over IG, but this colourful book is a fresh insight on feminism for the 21st century. With harsh truths and myth-busting insight, ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ is an unapologetic call for female liberation and empowerment.

Florence is otherwise known for her dancing in her underwear to old French tunes, the boldest of outfits, 70s inspired illustrations and her catchphrase, ‘Dump Them’!

Follow Florence for:

  • Empowering reminders to own your worth and put yourself first.
  • The best catchphrases in town – my personal favourite, ‘Maybe it’s a girl crush, maybe you’re queer’.
  • Sassy illustrations and 70s style inspo.

That’s all folks! Make sure you follow Florie, and check back for more content from MEDUSA soon!

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