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A Short Collection of Poetry – Izzie Heis

Original poetry from Izzie Heis that covers classics, feminism and queer identity.

In this post we’re so chuffed to share with you original poetry from Izzie Heis. If you have attended one of our recent Zoom calls, you’ll no doubt have been introduced to Izzie’s enigmatic personality (and adorable puppy, Scout). Not only is Izzie’s poetry full of nuance and perception – often exploring classics, feminism and queer identity – but the layout of her Instagram archive is a real treat, offering a colour scheme and font so reminiscent of Faber & Faber.

We found these two poems a much needed source of comfort, at a time when the world feels a bit overwhelming. Eden particularly loved ‘The Flight’, which she saw as a beautiful affirmation of falling in love, even when it’s over. Emily found ‘Memoir of a Shadow’ to be an uplifting account of self-love and independence. We hope you enjoy reading these two poems as much as we did. Thank you again Izzie for sharing your words and worlds with us.

The Flight

I thought loving you

Would tear my lungs

And deregulate 

My breathing.

Instead, you’re sleeping

Next to me

Our soft sighs sinking

And repeating.

And I opened up

My fragile heart

And lay, breath bated,

For you to rip it.

But you placed your head

Upon my chest

And you heard me

Softly beating.

Love was not a fall with you.

Falls always end in hurting.

Instead, in love, I took your hand

And we spread our wings

And flew.

Illustration by Eden Szymura

Memoir of a Shadow

A lifetime of journeys

I walk with her

Our feet step in perfect time.

I followed her

From her youngest day

Playing games where

I danced with her

Lengthened out

On the playground floor.

She weaved me into familiar shapes

Upon her childhood bedroom walls

Swans and wolves

I became for her

Whilst she waited

For visiting sleep.

I join her now in a streetlight’s glow.

It’s late and she stumbles, drunk,

But I’ll make sure that she gets home.

I walk with her

To her friend’s house

To meetings

To parties

To funerals

Into love

And out of heartbreak.

I will walk with her on her wedding day

Staying with her long after

She’s been given away.

Right up until

Hunched over, old-aged,

Her world is a solitary chair.

I have followed her footsteps

Through gravel and grass

Pavement and sand

I would follow her to the moon.

Our footfalls would crunch its surface together;

We embark our next adventure.

Be sure to follow Izzie’s poetry account, and check her out on IG and Twitter! Until next time.

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