World Refugee Day: Actions and Resources

“Our politicians want us to think that there isn’t an alternative to hostility – but in our homes, schools, businesses and communities, ordinary people are bringing the welcome and solidarity so lacking in our politics.

Josie Naughton, founder of Choose Love.

Let’s spread the message loud and clear – REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE. It’s crucial that we keep insisting on a better, kinder and, fundamentally, more human response to people seeking safety. All people deserve protection – it’s as simple as that. Here are some actions we can all take to spread compassion this World Refugee Day:

Add your voice to Choose Love’s Manifesto

Choose Love have written a vital manifesto that urges the UK government to act with compassion. Currently, there are plans to implement hostile legislation that would deny those in desperate need access to refuge and comfort. Add your name and share why you believe it’s crucial to offer welcome to refugees here.

Share Diala Brisly’s Message

Diala Brisly, a Syrian artist and refugee living in France, has created a new illustration for World Refugee Day that embodies the statement “Refugees are courageous.” Reflecting on art’s capacity to help and heal, she started running art therapy workshops for children affected by war. She recalls, “a lot of the kids saw their close friends, their siblings dying in front of them in a very ugly way. So I realised how important it is to use art to empty out all this terror we have inside.”
Let’s share her beautiful work far and wide.

Support Abolish Detention’s campaign against the opening of Hassockfield Detention Centre

The government plans to open a new immigration detention centre for women at Hassockfield in County Durham. Fundamentally, no one should ever have to endure the trauma of immigration detention. In line with this year’s World Refugee Day theme #WeCannotWalkAlone, let’s participate in Abolish Detention’s Online Banner Drop and show refugees and migrants that we’ll stand in solidarity and keep campaigning against hostility.

Learn more about why we need Status For All

Back in December, Ellie Vincent wrote about a clear solution to our current humanitarian and public health emergency. While there are legal distinctions between refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants (read more from Amnesty International), no person should be ‘illegal’. Ellie’s article has strong links to refugee rights, touching on hostile border policies and the lack of provision that pushes desperate people into entering the UK via dangerous underground routes. Click here to read and share her piece.

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