Creative Writing

A Short Collection of Poetry – Isabelle Cory

Original poetry from Isabelle Cory exploring growth, yearning and the natural world.

We’re delighted to be publishing a pair of stunning poems from Isabelle Cory, a writer, actor and director based in St Andrews. Isabelle recently interned at Edinburgh Fringe, which she describes as an amazing experience that affirmed her passion for theatre and spoken-word. Her vibrant, melodious poetry centres on femininity, mental health and resilience; we’re sure you’ll feel connected to the poignant imagery she evokes. Thank you, Isabelle, for trusting us with your beautiful words.

Monsters and gardens

for Ben Moor

How can I grow downwards but never sprout flowers out of my head

I am more than twisting roots

Burying under and under

Crawling sidewards to steal droplets

Crossing on the diagonal

No one can see this puzzle I am making

Mazing through ancient ground

Growing without ever mouthing a sound

Why can’t my flowers be loud

Where are my screaming fuchsias

Vocalising carnations

Orchids with differing intonations

I have all the foundations beneath

But my mind cannot seem to form practice from theory

I want space to bloom

Petals and foliage taking over room upon room upon room

Look at me blossom!

Look at me willow tree and flower!

Look at me buzzing bees!

See how my nectar beams!

Oh, how I dream of it.

This earth that I will burst through

Wait for me and I will surprise you

to know belonging

afraid to open the bedroom window

what if my heart decides to jump

escaping through the gap

she doesn’t want to be here

in this room

crowded by walls

where the air is thin

and the sunlight barely reaches her face

this is where i’ve laid down my roots

and they’ve only just taken hold

pinching onto the soil

with girl-sized fingers

she yearns to be somewhere else

where there are people and things she knows

signs she can recognise

corners she has stood on

lamplights she has bathed under

i want to console her

tell her that she’s allowed to leave

that i understand

promise i won’t be angry

but she must try

she must learn to grow

right here

in the now

not the wish-to-be

Keep up with Isabelle on Instagram @isabellespoems and @turningpointtheatreco.

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